Statement by Yemen

Unofficial summary provided by United Nations Press Service

TAREK M. MUTAHAR (Yemen) said six years after the proclamation of the United Nations Decade for Human Rights Education, much work remained to be done by all States to promote cultural and ethnic diversity, and to ensure that the principles of human rights were a priority for all Governments. And with grave human rights violations continuing worldwide, it was clear that still more needed to be done to raise the level of awareness about initiatives aimed at promoting the culture of human rights, the culture of peace and the dialogue among civilizations.

He also urged States to boost their efforts, as Yemen had done, to spread information about international treaties and covenants dealing with human rights issues. Yemen had also actively undertaken efforts to cement cultural and religious tolerance throughout society, particularly thorough awareness-raising campaigns and education, he said. The Government had paid close attention to its ethnic and religious minorities, particularly its small Jewish population, and afforded them the same rights and access as Yemenis.

The Government had also urged its media organs, educational facilities and churches to promote and highlight religious and cultural harmony and diversity. It also promoted the Islamic values of tolerance and brotherhood, particularly among the younger generation. Yemen also believed in promoting good neighbourliness.

Finally, he urged all States to avoid selectivity when implementing international human rights treaties and agreements.