Statement by Belarus

Unofficial summary provided by United Nations Press Service

RYBAKOV VALENTIN (Belarus) said the international community took an important step forward in the interests of peace and security through its work on the dialogue among civilizations and culture of peace. Globalisation, coupled with the increasing threat of terrorism, was an increasing reminder of the need for interdependence on issues such as security, the environment, healthcare, and the need to develop a global partnership.

Mutual understanding among States was possible through respect for each otherís customs and traditions. Belarus attached great importance to the celebration of milestones in its own culture, promoted diversity, and gave emphasis to its global arts culture based on humane ideas and values. Belarus agreed with the views of the Secretary-General about promoting dialogue among civilizations at the local level. As a country with more than 140 different cultures and historical roots, Belarus had enabled its citizens to retain their cultural identity and protected their right to maintain their own cultural heritage. The Global Agenda for Dialogue among Civilizations had served as the basis for creating an environment of mutual understanding and trust amongst peoples, and should be supported by all nations.