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There are 9 questions on the questionnaire, of which responses are required on the first 5 and optional on the last 4. All except optional question 8 will remain on line and accessible to everyone for several years as a permanent record of actions for the Decade.

The first two questions, PROGRESS and OBSTACLES will provide the basis of the report to the Secretary-General and the General Assembly. Deadline for this information is April 30, 2005. The third question, ACTIONS, is the basic substance of the Report and although it is too detailed to give to the UN, they will be urged to read it on the Internet. Efforts are also being made to publish and disseminate books containing the ACTIONS information for each region of the world, and for that reason photographs are requested.

1) PROGRESS. Has your organization seen progress toward a culture of peace and nonviolence in your domain of action and in your constituency during the first half of the Decade (2001-2005)? If you have developed any indicators to measure progress, please describe them here. Please write one or two paragraphs.

2) OBSTACLES. What are the most important obstacles that have prevented progress? Please write one or two paragraphs.

3) ACTIONS. What actions have been undertaken by your organization to promote a culture of peace and nonviolence during the first half of the Decade (2001-2005)? Please include any actions taken to celebrate the International Day of Peace which occurs every year on September 21. We would also appreciate a photograph that illustrates your actions, preferably sent by e-mail, if not by post. Your report may be from one to ten pages in length.

4) PRIORITY DOMAINS OF ACTION. Your first and second priority action among the following:

Education for a culture of peace
Equality of women
Democratic participation
Sustainable development
Human rights
Understanding, tolerance, solidarity
Free flow of information and knowledge
International peace and security

5) GEOGRAPHICAL PRIORITY. If your action is national, the primary and secondary country of your action. If regional, please indicate the region concerned. If international, please indicate "international."

Four other questions are optional and not required for the report, but your response would be helpful.

6) ADVICE. What advice would you like to give to the Secretary-General and the General Assembly to promote a culture of peace and nonviolence during the second half of the Decade (2006-2010).

7) PARTNERSHIPS AND NETWORKS. The UN Programme of Action calls for the strengthening of "partnerships between and among the various actors for a global movement for a culture of peace." Please describe here the partnerships and networks in which your organization participates.

8) REFERENCE. Who told you about this site? (Please provide this information for our own networking, and your answer will not be put on line).

9) PLANS. What new engagements are planned by your organization to promote a culture of peace in the second half of the Decade (2006-2010)?


You may enter information in English, French or Spanish, directly on this website by the following sequence:

1) fill out the registration page, being sure to fill in the name of your organization
2) await confirmation by e-mail (same day)
3) log in when you receive confirmation
4) go to the country or international domain that you signed up for
5) click on the button "add a report"
6) fill out the form and click on the button "submit"
7) the person who submits information on an organization will always be able to come back and edit it at a later date by clicking on the "edit" button

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