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Organization: Solidarity for Social Equality (Human Rights Centre)
The following information may be cited or quoted as long as the source is accurately mentioned and the words are not taken out of context.
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Postal address of organization/institution

At: Adarsha Pada. Post: Rajendra College. District: Balangir. Orissa 767002. INDIA

E-mail address of organization/institution

ssesonepur@rediffmail.com, ssehrc@gmail.com, krishnahota@yahoo.com

Website address of organization/institution


Telephone of organization/institution


PRIORITIES: All of the organization's domains of culture of peace activity


TOP PRIORITY: The organization's most important culture of peace activity


PARTNERSHIPS AND NETWORKS: What partnerships and networks does your organization participate in, thus strengthening the global movement for a culture of peace?

Fresh Water Action Network, South Asia, Accreditated member of Global Environment Facility (GEF), Stand Against poverty, humanitarianpeople.org, propoor.org, oneworld.net, idealist.org, HRE list server.

ACTIONS: What activities have been undertaken by your organization to promote a culture of peace and nonviolence during the ten years of the Decade? If you already made a report in 2005, your information from 2005 will be included in the 2010 report.

We are working at field level in Orissa (Balangir and Sonepur districts) since 1991 focusing on Women Rights, Governance, Bio-diversity management, Environment-friendly Livelihood generation, poverty eradication, Health & Nutrition and Safe water campaign and alternative indegenous eco-friendly medicine. For more details please visit our website at: www.humanrights-orissa.org

PROGRESS: Has your organization seen progress toward a culture of peace and nonviolence in your domain of action and in your constituency during the second half of the Decade?

Yes, Social Equality, Dignity of human being, Equality of Status and Rights is the foundation of peace and non-violence. We in our area facilitating Social Equality, tolerance and peace among people of different caste, tribe, sect and religions and regions. India also Orissa is full of diversity of culture --a sense of mutual understanding and friendship is growing in our area.

OBSTACLES: Has your organization faced any obstacles to implementing the culture of peace and nonviolence? If so, what were they?

* We face Resource crunch,
*Vicious cycle of poverty and corruption is another challenge. We need more friends/supporters to meet this challenge
* Attitude of common men towards life-- sense of fraustration and Adjustment with falsity and surrendering to force of society is another obstacle.

PLANS: What new engagements are planned by your organization in the short, medium and long term to promote a culture of peace and nonviolence?

We are focusing on Women empowerment and Youth involvement and participation of marginal & small farmers in Development initiatives; and we are planning to invest more on these stakeholders in the scope of Education & Training (capacity building), Eco-friendly livelihood options and trades and New innovations by the groups.

GLOBAL MOVEMENT: How do you think the culture of peace and nonviolence could be strengthened and supported at the world level??

Yes, Global Movement is the pivot of the whole action. We think we are all part of a same Globe, divided by (artificial) partitions and we have to share all the Good and Evil effects of the Global situation. Thus, a culture of Peace and mutual understanding and practice of non-violence is the key of all development initiatives.
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Organization: Solidarity for Social Equality (Human Rights Centre)

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