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Organization: City of Northfield, Minnesota Mayor’s Youth Council, Zach Pruitt, Youth Advisor
The following information may be cited or quoted as long as the source is accurately mentioned and the words are not taken out of context.
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Postal address of organization/institution

801 Washington Street, Northfield, MN 55057

E-mail address of organization/institution

Website address of organization/institution


Telephone of organization/institution


PRIORITIES: All of the organization's domains of culture of peace activity


TOP PRIORITY: The organization's most important culture of peace activity


PARTNERSHIPS AND NETWORKS: What partnerships and networks does your organization participate in, thus strengthening the global movement for a culture of peace?

Attending boards and commissions of city to potentially serve as resources and to assist in recruiting volunteers

Met with other Northfield organizations to learn about them and how we can collaborate.

Cooperation with Northfield High School guidance office to plan for 2nd annual career fair

The Mayor’s Youth Council is always open to discussing collaborative possibilities with any local group.

We have met with local organizations (including Growing Up Healthy, the PRIMEtime after school collaborative, and the Early Childhood Initiative) to gain insight into what they are working on and to foster increased collaboration.  Now, we are working on getting all of the ideas organized into concise, achievable action steps that we will bring to the City Council in early 2010.

ACTIONS: What activities have been undertaken by your organization to promote a culture of peace and nonviolence during the ten years of the Decade? If you already made a report in 2005, your information from 2005 will be included in the 2010 report.

The Mayor's Youth Council was formed in 2006 by Mayor Lee Lansing. Comprised of 15 local youth, the Mayor's Youth Council seeks to assure youth input into civic affairs and works on initiatives to positively impact local young people.
The Mayor's Youth Council consists of local high school juniors and seniors, appointed by the Mayor and approved by the City Council. Youth Council members are selected to serve on two-year terms or until they graduate from high school. Members do not receive monetary compensation.
We have established a web site, funded by Minnesota Alliance with Youth and Stateto publicize job opportunities and community events

PROGRESS: Has your organization seen progress toward a culture of peace and nonviolence in your domain of action and in your constituency during the second half of the Decade?

With the new web site our activities will have more visibility in the community. In addition, we are required to submit monthly reports to the city council which helps them keep informed about our work.

OBSTACLES: Has your organization faced any obstacles to implementing the culture of peace and nonviolence? If so, what were they?

missing information (requested)

PLANS: What new engagements are planned by your organization in the short, medium and long term to promote a culture of peace and nonviolence?

GLOBAL MOVEMENT: How do you think the culture of peace and nonviolence could be strengthened and supported at the world level??

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Organization: City of Northfield, Minnesota Mayor’s Youth Council, Zach Pruitt, Youth Advisor

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