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Organization: International Day of Peace in New Zealand
The following information may be cited or quoted as long as the source is accurately mentioned and the words are not taken out of context.
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PRIORITIES: All of the organization's domains of culture of peace activity


TOP PRIORITY: The organization's most important culture of peace activity

PARTNERSHIPS AND NETWORKS: What partnerships and networks does your organization participate in, thus strengthening the global movement for a culture of peace?

See website

ACTIONS: What activities have been undertaken by your organization to promote a culture of peace and nonviolence during the ten years of the Decade? If you already made a report in 2005, your information from 2005 will be included in the 2010 report.


Christchurch: Peace walk carrying "WMD – WeMustDisarm" banners as part of the UN campaign. It was followed by a talk on "Small Arms and Nuclear Disarmament".

Mangere: Maori powhiri, entertainment, words of Peace by the Universal Peace Federation and a demonstration of Maori wind instruments and supper. Nelson: The cathedral steps in Nelson was the site of a re-staging of John Lennon & Yoko Ono’s “Bed-in for Peace”, which was followed by a relay of John & Yokos. Event included a wishtree, music, poetry and free hugs.

Orewa: 5th "Flowers on the Ocean celebration" where prayers or wishes for Peace were offered as flowers were cast into the ocean. Otaka: Meditation and yoga session for Peace and a vegetarian meal, as one of many events organized by "Yoga in Daily Life".

Wellington: Honored as the starting point for the "World March for Peace & Nonviolence" because of New Zealand’s reputation as a Peaceful nation. On Gandhi’s birthday (Oct. 2), 300 attended Peace Foundation’s "Wellington Peace Heritage Walk" linking Peace-related sculptres, trees and historical sites in Wellington. There was an event with yoga, live music, kirtan and guided meditation at a charity event for the Peace Foundation. Organized by Yoga Unlimited.

Whanganui: Panel discussion at the Quaker Settlement which was followed by the launch of a march from September 21 to September 29. It was one of many World Marches for Peace & Nonviolence . “Reconciliation, Truth and Bridgebuilding” was the theme. Organized by Operation Peace through Unity and the UN Association of New Zealand in Whanganui.


Christchurch City Council and World Peace Bell Association organized an event attended by the mayor, and which featured the planting of a camphor tree (a gift from Nagasaki, Japan) ringing of the World Peace Bell, declaration of Christchurch as a Rotary City for Peace, launching of a Peace walk, and 1000 floating candles released in Avon River.

Kapiti Interfaith in Kapiti Coast organized 30 members of locally represented faith groups who came together for quiet meditation, readings and music.

Peace Foundation Aotearoa An information stall was setup in Auckland University of Technology.

St. Andrew's on The Terrace, Wellington. A group of 15 handed out Peace Day brochures and peace pin-wheels, which were also displayed outside the church.

United Nations Association of New Zealand About 100 people celebrated in Auckland New Zealand's Nuclear Free Zone (20th Anniversary) and the Auckland Peace City Declaration with members of Parliament and Mayor Hubbard. An exhibit opened called “Creating a Culture of Peace - The Right to Human Security” with choir music from the Auckland Interfaith Council.

University of Otago Foundation Studies Ltd hosted at hour long concert at Dunedin International Peace Pole at the Otago Museum. In attendance were 200 people, Mayor Peter Chin and other local dignitaries.


Intuition in Service and United Nations Days & Years Meditation Initiative have coordinated an annual international vigil of meditation and prayer for the 24 hours of September 21 since 2002. The 24 hours are divided into 15-minute periods, and individuals or groups commit themselves, by registering on the website, to spend specific 15-minute periods in prayer or meditation for world peace. Participants began precisely on the quarter hour by using the Great Invocation, the world prayer 'May Peace Prevail on Earth', or another invocation or prayer oriented towards world peace. Then they linked in thought with the others who are linking at the same precise time and with everyone in the world who is participating in the International Day of Peace Vigil. All were invited to reflect on the meaning of a Culture of Peace, visualise the lighted, loving energies that can create the mental and emotional understanding and atmosphere within which peace can flourish in ourselves, our communities, our nations, and our world, and then use the Great Invocation or another invocation or prayer precisely on the quarter hour.

PROGRESS: Has your organization seen progress toward a culture of peace and nonviolence in your domain of action and in your constituency during the second half of the Decade?

Reported events for the International Day of Peace continue to grow year after year (see the website listed above):

In the 2005 Report, 155 Peace Day events in 47 countries are presented.

The 2007 records show that:
* We had 623 commitments across the world
* 70 countries
* 225 cities (outside of the USA)
* 42 US states
* An estimate of nearly 500,000 participants
* An average of 500 people per event

2009 annual report listed 700+ events

OBSTACLES: Has your organization faced any obstacles to implementing the culture of peace and nonviolence? If so, what were they?

not reported

PLANS: What new engagements are planned by your organization in the short, medium and long term to promote a culture of peace and nonviolence?

GLOBAL MOVEMENT: How do you think the culture of peace and nonviolence could be strengthened and supported at the world level??

The International Day of Peace is an annual event.
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Organization: International Day of Peace in New Zealand

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