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Organization: Asia-Pacific Centre of Education for International Understanding (APCEIU)
The following information may be cited or quoted as long as the source is accurately mentioned and the words are not taken out of context.
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Postal address of organization/institution

UNESCO House #1006, 50-16 Myeong-dong 2-ga, Jung-gu, Seoul 100-810, Korea, 100-810

E-mail address of organization/institution


Website address of organization/institution


Telephone of organization/institution


PRIORITIES: All of the organization's domains of culture of peace activity


TOP PRIORITY: The organization's most important culture of peace activity


PARTNERSHIPS AND NETWORKS: What partnerships and networks does your organization participate in, thus strengthening the global movement for a culture of peace?

1. UNESCO Networks including APEID, APNIEVE, APPEAL, ASP Net
- Asia-Pacific Programme of Educational Innovation for Development (APEID)
- Asia Pacific Network for International Education and Values Education (APNIEVE)
- Asia and Pacific Programme of Education for All (APPEAL)
- Associated Schools Project Network (ASP Net)
2. 47 UNESCO Member States of the Asia-Pacific
4. UNESCO Field Offices
5. National Commissions for UNESCO
6. Cooperation with various Category II Centres under the auspices of UNESCO
7. Korean Society of Education for International Understanding
8. Japan Association for International Education
9. Asia/Pacific Culture Centre for UNESCO (ACCU),
10. Southeast Asian Ministers of Education Organization (SEAMEO) and its regional centers
11. Cooperation with various Regional Organizations
12. British Council

ACTIONS: What activities have been undertaken by your organization to promote a culture of peace and nonviolence during the ten years of the Decade? If you already made a report in 2005, your information from 2005 will be included in the 2010 report.


Asia-Pacific Centre of Education for International Understanding (APCEIU) under the auspices of UNESCO was created in 2000, International Year of a Culture of Peace, mandated towards promoting a Culture of Peace through Education for International Understanding(EIU). As the only regional centre of its kind, APCEIU has devoted itself both to the development and production of materials as well as the capacity building of teachers in implementing holistic visions of Culture of Peace.

Awareness on EIU has been enhanced through ongoing dissemination of resources for teachers that includes SangSaeng magazine and multimedia games. Recognizing the need to build capacities among educators to use and integrate ICTs into educational missions in the face of increasingly complex, digitized world, the capacity, APCEIU partnered with regional centres of the Southeast Asian Ministers of Education Organization and developed “SEA Journey” a CD game and teachers’ manual with sample classroom activities.  

Furthermore, from 2008 APCEIU organized annual photo exhibition to promote the understanding of diverse cultures in Asia with a photographic medium that delivers information in a more effective and communicative way. “Dreaming Kitchen- Flavor of Asia(2008)” and “Dreaming Classroom-The Treasure Within” provided insights and depths of various aspects of Asian countries including education, culture, socialization, agriculture, economy, ecology, and geology centered on the theme ‘kitchen’, and ‘classroom.’ A database of photos on Asian Cultures (http://photo.unescoapceiu.org) has further made a virtual learning environment accessible to all teachers for classroom activities.


UNDP Korea-APCEIU-MEST Partnership
APCEIU, Ministry of Education, Science and Technology (MEST) and United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) signed UNDP Country Project on 21 January 2009 at UNESCO House, Republic of Korea. Joint projects with UNDP and MEST include “Capacity Building of Teacher Trainers in Asia-Pacific for the Achievement of MDGs” and “Capacity Building of Pacific Islands Educators for Civic Education towards a Culture of Peace: Development of a Guidebook.” The projects aim to contribute to the enhancement of quality of education and the achievement of the MDGs in the Asia-Pacific region.
As a result of the project, a guidebook on civics education for the Pacific “Caring in the Pacific” was developed in consultation with local educators and education administrators of Pacific Island Countries.

Situational Analysis of EIU/ESD in the Asia-Pacific Region
Since 2006, APCEIU in collaboration with National Commissions of UNESCO in the Asia-Pacific has conducted situational analysis of EIU/ESD for educational planning towards the promotion of a Culture of Peace. The 5 sub-regional consultation meetings with total participation of 118 education experts finalized 36 national reports on the current situation of EIU in countries of the Asia-Pacific that emphasized the development of strategies for the revision of textbook and curricula and advocated wider partnerships within the region for the capacity building of teachers.

International Symposium on a Culture of Peace
Realizing the need to address the present day culture of violence and exclusion in the
country, APCEIU has organized annual International Symposium on a Culture of Peace from 2001-2007.
In 2006, the Symposium was held under the theme of Intercultural Understanding and Human Rights Education in the Era of Globalization from 25 to 27 October 2006 in Seoul, Republic of Korea. It provided a venue for the exchange of inter-regional experiences on intercultural understanding and human rights education and in turn identified the lessons learned from these experiences. Recommendations on promoting human rights sensitive intercultural education, culture sensitive human rights education, and education in response to migration issues for three different sectors namely: formal education, government and civil society were formulated.
In 2007, APCEIU continued the Symposium under the theme of Keeping the Promise of MDGs through EIU from 5-7 September 2007 in conjunction with “Youth MDGs Forum.” It aimed to find the path towards achieving the MDGs through EIU by focusing on three themes namely: 1) poverty eradication; 2) universal primary education(UPE); and 3) environmental sustainability.

Journal of Education for International Understanding (JEIU)
The Journal of Education for International Understanding (JEIU) is an international refereed journal published by APCEIU which is mandated to work on EIU towards a Culture of Peace. The JEIU will be a forum for scholarly contributions on the inter-disciplinary and trans-disciplinary field of EIU. This also seeks to essentially disseminate knowledge, ideas, visions and practices which will be helpful to state and private educational agencies and institutions as well as individual educators in building a world based on the constitutive values and principles of EIU.
Publication of Vol 1-3 was made from 2005-2007 in conjunction with APCEIU’s International Symposium on a Culture of Peace.

Asia-Pacific Training Workshop on EIU
As a key dimension of its mission, APCEIU organizes and conducts professional training workshops for teachers and teacher trainers in partnership with UNESCO Field Offices and education institutes in the region. Addressing the holistic vision of a Culture of Peace, trainings focus on building the capacities of educators to prepare the skills and attitudes necessary for critical conceptual understanding and pedagogical skills of EIU. The 10 days workshops facilitated practical designing of locally relevant lesson plans and developing education strategies as well as commendable teaching and learning materials. The regional workshop succeeded in bringing into various forms of national and sub-regional workshops including experts’ workshop for civic education, study-visit to promote peace and social cohesion in Sri Lanka and teachers exchange programme to promote peace education in Mindanao.

EIU Best Practice
Outstanding examples of activities to promote EIU have also been rewarded among educators for their innovative approaches in transforming institutional practices, as well as individual values and behaviors towards a Culture of Peace. APCEIU has solicited practical cases of EIU throughout the region, and awarded five selected cases of good practices every year to encourage educators, scholars and activists to sustain and share local initiatives on EIU. The collection of 16 best case studies has been published and disseminated in monographs series.

Photo Exhibition and Photo Archive of Asian Culture
From 2008, APCEIU launched a photo exhibition aiming to provide educational opportunities for wider audience to promote mutual understanding as a fundamental practice that one needs to pursue. Following up the annul exhibitions, APCEIU has accumulated a comprehensive collection of more than 100,000 photographs of Brunei Darussalam, Cambodia, India, Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia, Mongolia, Palau, Philippines, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Uzbekistan and Vietnam to a dedicated database that stimulates perceptions on globalization, human dignity and rights, ecological sustainability, social justice, and intercultural understanding through various images of Asia.

PROGRESS: Has your organization seen progress toward a culture of peace and nonviolence in your domain of action and in your constituency during the second half of the Decade?

See actions for evidence of progress.

OBSTACLES: Has your organization faced any obstacles to implementing the culture of peace and nonviolence? If so, what were they?

Not reported

PLANS: What new engagements are planned by your organization in the short, medium and long term to promote a culture of peace and nonviolence?

APCEIU will continue to fulfill its mandate to strengthen the capacities of the Asia-Pacific educators for EIU towards a Culture of Peace. Over the years, APCEIU has diversified the thematic focus and beneficiaries of EIU training programmes as well we developed and refined its annual programme with the view of delivering content more effectively.

In order to create long term coherent programme, APCEIU will actively utilize alumni networks in the Asia-Pacific to encourage school-based initiatives and promote change towards a Culture of Peace in schools and communities.

APCEIU will further streamline its programme delivery to achieve consistency and accountability.

GLOBAL MOVEMENT: How do you think the culture of peace and nonviolence could be strengthened and supported at the world level??

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Organization: Asia-Pacific Centre of Education for International Understanding (APCEIU)

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