September/October 2006 Bulletin of World Report on the Culture of Peace

Dear Friends,

Thanks to the very hard work of a youth team that gathered in July at UNOY in the Hague, Netherlands, the youth report on a culture of peace has been completed in the record time of two months. It is based on responses from 475 youth-led and youth-serving organizations in 125 countries.

Asked to visualize the activities and projects they would like to undertake to promote a culture of peace if funds were available to them, youth present a wealth of ideas, along with important observations regarding the current lack of funding and other forms of support to youth organizations. Based on their ideas and observations, the report proposes the development of a Global Youth Solidarity Fund and Programme.

For a full copy of the report, see the website of the the Decade, .

The Youth Report, along with last year's World Civil Society Report, will be personally given to UN ambassadors by the 2006 Youth Advocacy Team during the weeks of October 9-20. We are hoping that it will be as successful as the 2005 Youth Advocacy Team whose report remains available on the website at .


David Adams