July/August 2006 Bulletin of World Report on the Culture of Peace

Dear Friends,

As a follow-up to last year's World Report, I am working on behalf of the Fundacion Cultura de Paz with the Youth Advocacy Team to conduct a survey of youth organizations. We want your suggestions for United Nations support to youth for a culture of peace. The work is being done in collaboration with the Bibliotheca Alexandrina and UNOY (The United Network of Young Peacebuilders). Results of the survey will be used for a proposal to be included in this year's UN resolution for a culture of peace.

Youth organizations are defined according to UNESCO's criteria as organizations that are youth-led or primarily youth-serving. If your organization meets these criteria, please answer the questionnaire below and send your response back to us by e-mail to mail@decade-culture-of-peace.org.

Please try to respond before August 1, because the proposal must be prepared before September 1.

If you know other youth organizations, please pass on this questionnaire to them and ask them to respond to us also, as long as they work for one or more of the following programme areas of the culture of peace

* Education for a culture of peace
* Human rights
* Sustainable development
* Democratic participation
* Equality of women and men
* International understanding, tolerance and solidarity
* Free flow of information
* International peace and security

We prefer to receive responses from organizations, but responses from individual members of youth organizations are also helpful and will be included.


David Adams


Firstly) Is your organization youth-led or primarily youth-serving? Please explain briefly


a) If funds were available, what youth activities related to a culture of peace (CoP) would you like to do as an individual?

b) What non-financial support would you need to do these activities?

c) If funds were available, what youth activities related to a CoP would your organization like to do?

d) What non-financial support would your organization need to do these activities?


a) What changes in youth policies do you think the government/leadership in your country should make to promote a CoP?

b) What CoP youth activities do you think the UN should carry out?

3. Do you have any suggestions or recommendations for improving youth participation in CoP activities on any level (UN, government, civil society)?

4. What could be done to improve/ensure transparency and flow of information in promoting the CoP?

5. To ensure the best possible benefit of a UN Voluntary Fund for youth on the CoP, how should it be managed/administered?

6. How can youth not yet involved in CoP activities be reached and motivated to get involved?

7. a) Which other organizations do you know of, that work for a CoP?

b) Would you be willing to contact them or may we contact them with the questionnaire? Please specify.

8. My response to this questionnaire is my personal opinion ? ___ / organization's opinion ? ___