Bulletin of World Report on the Culture of Peace for February/March 2010

Dear Friends,

Please see the website of the World Report at http://decade-culture-of-peace.org

As you see, almost 200 organizations have already answered the call and entered their information for the Report. Many others have registered and we expect to receive their reports soon. Be part of it! Don't miss the opportunity! Don't be left out!

You have two options to submit your data:

1) Register and put your data directly on the website;


2) Fill out the questionnaire which is available on the website in English, Spanish, French and Portuguese in WORD, HTML or PDF formats and send the filled-out questionnaire to one of the emails below so that we can put it online for you.

We have extended the deadline until April 31, 2010, but please do not be later than that because the report will be written during the month of May in order to submit to the United Nations at the beginning of June.

Some of you may noticed the following change. Instead of submitting data about actions only for the second half of the Decade, we have decided to submit data for all 10 years of the Decade. If you made a report in 2005, you do not need to do anything, because we will include the 2005 data in the report. If you did not submit a report in 2005 and have already submitted your report for 2005-2010, you may just send us the additional data about your actions for 2001-2005 and we will put it on line for you.


Marcos Estrada - the Americas, Arab States and international organizations -

Cecile Barbeito - Europe and Africa -

Meg Villanueva and Nikki Delfin - Asia Pacific -

Alicia Cabezudo - Latin America -

David Adams - International organizations - To avoid spam, these are not direct links. You must write the address into your own email account.