Bulletin of World Report on the Culture of Peace for June, July and August 2009

Dear Friends,

Good News! The Global Youth Solidarity Fund is now ready to enter its second round of support for youth projects that foster mutual respect, understanding and long-term positive relationships between peoples of different cultures and religions.

We have received the following email from Isabelle Legare of the United Nations Alliance of Civilizations. Please note that since the working language of the Selection Committee is English, all of the supporting documents are in English, and the your applications must be written in English as well. On the other hand, Isabelle can answer your questions in English, French or Spanish.


"I am very pleased to announce that the United Nations Alliance of Civilizations is launching the second edition of its Youth Solidarity Fund.

As you may know, this program provides seed funding to outstanding youth projects addressing areas of primary concern to the UNAoC, i.e. fostering mutual respect, understanding and long-term positive relationships between peoples of different cultures and religions.

The Youth Solidarity Fund will support several outstanding youth projects demonstrating innovative approaches to building cross-cultural understanding. The 2009 edition of the Youth Solidarity Fund offers a total envelope of up to US$300,000. There are two levels of funding available:
· Small grants: Community or local-level projects needing funding of up to US$20,000 each.
· Large grants: National or regional-level projects needing funding of up to US$30,000 each.

A Youth Selection Committee will identify projects deemed to be the most meritorious under each level of funding.

I am inviting eligible youth organizations from all over the world to submit project proposals responding to the criteria outlined in the guidelines. Projects need to be presented via the application form developed for this program...

Please note that the application deadline is September 30, 2009, 1:00 PM, New York time.

The application guidelines and form will be uploaded on our website (www.unaoc.org ) in the coming days.

Also, I would ask your help to disseminate this information among your members and partners.

Should you have questions about the Youth Solidarity Fund, please do not hesitate to contact me at isabellel@unops.org .

In the meantime, did you cast your vote for the Youth Website? See http://www.unaoc.org/content/view/396/200/lang,english/

Good luck with your projects!"

Isabelle Legare
Youth Program Manager
Office of the Secretariat
Alliance of Civilizations
United Nations


By all accounts, the six youth projects completed in the first round of the Youth Solidarity Fund were very successful, and it is expected that full reports from them will be available before the end of this year.

More good news! The culture of peace was advanced at the World Peace Congress held in Santos, Brazil from August 10-15 under the leadership of Helena Lourenço and under the sponsorship of ABRASOFFA, the Brazilian Association of Organizers of Festivals of Folklore and Popular Arts and IOV, the International Organization of Folk Art. More details will be forthcoming in the next bulletin.


David Adams