Bulletin du rapport mondial sur la culture de la paix pour les mois d'octobre 2008 à janvier 2009

Cher(e)s ami(e)s,

Mes plus vives salutations pour 2009 et mes meilleurs voeux à tous et à toutes !

Travaillons ensemble pour rapprocher le monde de la culture de la paix dans les deux prochaines et dernières années de la Décennie internationale de la promotion d'une culture de la non-violence et de la paix au profit des enfants du monde.

Il y a actuellement plusieurs discussions afin de savoir comment célébrer la fin de la décennie en 2010, et comment prolonger ses actions dans les dix années à venir. Il sera important de faire des plans concrets pendant l'année 2009. À cet égard, vos suggestions seront bienvenues, et je les éditerai dans la prochaine édition du bulletin.

Pour clôturer l'année 2008, veuillez trouvez ci-dessous, les articles les plus récents que vous avez envoyés à CPNN (la Culture de Paix Réseau des Infos).



Letter from Kivu, Congo
... "in the east of the Democratic Republic of Congo (Northern and Southern Kivu), I am in the process of organizing a movement of youth called Youth for Peace, Love and Development "


Seoul Statement on Revitalizing Ecumenical Movement
..."The main purpose of this consultation ... is ... to seek a refreshed vision together for the revitalizing of the ecumenical movement and to set meaningful goals."

Asian Religious Leaders Urge Religions To Teach Peace
..."religious and ethnic conflicts, terrorism, environmental abuse, globalization and the continuing danger of nuclear weapons ... remain a concern and of great importance to religious leaders and movements. But Asia's many faiths and spiritual traditions can offer answers"

Iranian Films Fly to 3 Countries
..."The Iranian cinema is a unique one of its type because of its exclusive properties. It is empty from violence, immorality, affronts and insults and discourtesy."

Philippine Youth Dialogue for Peace by Videoconference
..."There's no better way to reduce tension and ignorance than by bringing people face to face."


Art for Peace
..."As an artist, I try to interact through my work with the community, collaborating and developing small artistic projects that, without requiring money, can count on the participation of the community."


Xavante Strategy - documentary film
..."the astonishing history of 8 Xavante boys, from the village Pimentel Barbosa, chosen by the great chief Apowe in the decade of the 70's for a mission to learn Portuguese and the thinking of the "warazu" - the foreigners - and to return to assume the defense of Xavante territory and tradition."


From War Toys to Peace Art
..."an 80-page lesson aid package for teachers interested in carrying out their own "Acts of Transformation from War Toys to Peace Art." ... contains lesson plans, background resources, and links to other sources of related information"

Agape Foundation Peace Prize and Inspiration
..."Peacemakers deliver hope. With their actions. With their vision. With their leadership. They light the path to equality and justice. For us to follow."

Anti-war March on US Republican Convention
..."It was a powerful statement of the deep opposition to the war in Iraq that exists in every corner of this country"


Speedy Ratification of the Treaty Banning Cluster Weapons
..."A more difficult task will be to convince those States addicted to cluster bombs — the Outlaw Seven: Brazil, China, India, Israel, Pakistan, Russia, USA"

Good News Agency Goes to Schools
..."to give voice also to those events which indicate in the world the response of humanity to the most pressing problems of our times is a responsibility which the media can no longer put off"

11 Days of Global Unity
..."Creating a Culture of Peace
Celebrating a Sustainable Future
September 11 - 21, 2008
Culminating on the International Day of Peace"

Books on Peace Education: Call for Manuscripts
..."We welcome manuscripts that address how peace education provides information about the roots of conflicts and strategies for peace."



Voici les thèmes qui ont été discutés sur CPNN depuis le dernier bulletin. Ils peuvent être trouvés dans le forum indiqué sur CPNN "DiscussionBoard" à l'adresse : http://cpnn-world.org/cgi-bin/ib3/ikonboard.cgi


Does Persian culture contribute to a culture of peace?


What are the proposals of the Seoul Statement?


What have been the effects of cluster bombs?


Vous êtes invités à nous envoyer vos nouveaux rapports à propos d'évènements ou d'articles de média dès qu'ils promeuvent la Culture de la Paix. Vous pouvez aussi ajouter vos commentaires sur les discusions ouvertes de DiscussionBoard. Si vous souhaitez savoir comment fonctionne et travaille le site de CPNN, reportez vous au bulletin d'avril-mai 2007 qui vous a été envoyé par mail et qui reste disponible à l'adresse suivante : http://decade-culture-of-peace.org/bulletin/may2007french.html .


David Adams