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Problems in registering
Sometimes people have problems in registering.  Here are some of the common problems.

1) USERNAME.  This may be any name that you choose to use.  It must be from 3-32 characters long.  Note that the name of your organization is requested further down the page, not here.  Keep a copy of your USERNAME somewhere so that you do not forget it.  You will need it later to log in.  

2) PASSWORD.  You should make up a password, from 5-32 characters long, and keep a copy of it along with your USERNAME so that you will not forget it.  

3) E-MAIL ADDRESS.  This is important because this is the address where your permission will be sent in order to enter information for your organization.  It is also the address where your password will be sent if you forget it.

4) NAME OF ORGANIZATION.  This must be filled out if you wish to enter information for an organization.  Otherwise you will not receive permission.

5) COUNTRY.  Please highlight the country where your organization is located (or international if you are representing an international organization).  If you do not do so, you will not be allowed to enter information for your organization.  The reason for this is that you must be assigned a field to enter information corresponding to your country (or a domain of action, if you are an international organization).

If you have another problem with registering that is not addressed here, please send it to us at decade@decade-culture-of-peace.org.   We will answer your question and change this HELP section so that others can learn from your experience.