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Problems in posting
Here are some of the problems that can arise when you try to post information from your organization.

1) You are told that you have no right to post in this section.  Either you are not logged in (and registered), or else you are trying to post in a country or International domain for which you did not register.  Check that you are properly logged in and that you are entering in the appropriate country or domain.

2. You did not finish posting your information for some reason, or you made a mistake.  In this case go back to your data entry, click on the button for "edit" and complete (or edit) the information.

3. You wish to change or edit the name of your organization.  This is the one thing that you cannot edit once it has been posted.  To make a change in it, please send your request to us at decade@decade-culture-of-peace.

If you have another problem with posting that is not addressed here, please send it to us at decade@decade-culture-of-peace.  We will answer your question and change this HELP section so that others can learn from your experience.